Online Courses

We offer online courses in English and Spanish that provide strategic knowledge, theory, and practice to help develop business skills in organizations and support them in sustainably delivering and maximizing their social missions.

The formats of these online courses are blended, with self-paced as well as facilitated options, providing participants with resources, tools, and literature.

Two of our online courses —Idea Exploration and Validation and Idea Incubation and Pilot Preparation— were created in collaboration with Acumen Academy and are an exclusive offering only for IPPFWHR partners free of charge.

If you are an IPPFWHR Partner Organization you have free access to the following courses.

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Introduction to
Social Enterprise

Introduces users to the key concepts and notions of Social Enterprise, exploring its meaning and how it can adapt to the needs and context of nonprofit organizations.

This online course is ideal for Seed & Exploration Stage organizations

Idea Exploration
and Validation

Guides users through methodologies that allow them to analyze and validate earned-income ideas that meet the needs of clients, are feasible to implement, potentially financially viable, and are aligned with an organization’s social mission.

This online course is ideal for Seed & Exploration Stage organizations

Idea Incubation
and Pilot Preparation

Applies innovation principles to help participants test, validate, pilot and grow an earned-income idea.

This online course is ideal for Early Stage organizations

for Funding

Offers guidance to participants that have already completed the Idea Exploration and Validation online course or have an existing model ready for scale in which they need financing to fill funding gaps.

This online course is ideal for Implementing & Scaling Stage organizations

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